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Are you missing a blog for your company and are looking for an expert who can manage the blog and bring your business to the next level?

We are offering a unique service where we fully over take blogging for your company. This service offers you excellent value for money and starts at only $13 USD per post.

  • Premium Articles written by bloggers with university degree.
  • Content for all niches can be written.
  • 100% unique content exclusively researched and written for you.
  • Optional promotion available, as well as technical supervision.

Service features

Our service offers you an excellent return with top quality ensured. Benefit from inbound links, better branding and more leads. All our articles are written to bait new links from other websites.

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    Skilled writers All our writers are well educated and trained writing offering perfect grammar.

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    Enhanced Promotion Allow us to create buzz for your business with excellent blog posts.

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    Happy Readers We hate wall of texts. Our articles are easy to read and spiced up with related media.

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    Internet as a Lifestyle As internet entrepreneurs we know exactly what your internet campaign needs.

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    Always reach us via Email We respond to your queries asap. We are glad to assist with all your queries.

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    Leading Expertise beyond Blogging Our team consists of marketers, writers, designers and excellent tech-gurus.

Additional Modules

Additional modules

Book additional modules together with your blogging package. Those modules are either available on a price per blog post or monthly basis. If you need something different together with your blog posts, let us know!

  • Social Media promotion. We include your blog post on 5 of our Social Media accounts. This creates valuable buzz for your post and triggers new incoming links.

    Only $2.5 USD per post.

  • Premium Pictures. Our default posts include creative commons photos that are free to use. If you want we can use professional stock photos that spice up the posts even more. Only $2 USD per post.
  • Manage your Facebook Fanpage. We stay in contact with your customers and readers and build a community for your blog. We manage your Fanpage, respond to queries and add 5 updates per day. Only $60 USD per month.
  • Manage your Twitter Account. We update your company's Twitter account and stay in touch with your customers. We respond to queries and post niche related updates. This includes 5 updates per. Only $60 USD per month.
  • Technical Maintenance. We update plugins for you, install latest plugins, create backups and store them externally. Only 100$ USD per month.
  • Comment Management We manage all the comments on your blog and act as a moderator. This will help you with growing your own community on your blog. Business inquiries will be forwarded to you. Only 30$ USD per month.


One time packages

Those packages are available for a one-time fee. Grab your package now and have your business grown with tips coming from internet experts.

  • We set up your blog. We set up a Wordpress blog on your domain and install a nice looking theme, custom logo and with top notch plugins to get you started.

    Only $75 USD per installation.

  • Integrate AdSense into your blog. We integrate the most profitable AdSense placements and colors to maximize your AdSense earnings.

    Only $95 USD per blog.

  • Set up your AdWords campaign. Professional set up for your AdWords campaign. Well researched keywords, top ads, creating a perfect campaign to grow your business.

    Starts at only $195 USD per set up.

  • Facebook Set-Up. We create you a professional Facebook Fanpage. This generates excellent exposure to your business and connects you with new customers. Only $25 USD.
  • Facebook Fans. We help with building a community for your Fanpage connecting your business with new customers. This makes your Fanpage look more professional and increases the reach of our products. Starts at only 12 cent per Fan - Scalable.
  • Technical Assistance. Do you need to move your installation, install a new plugin, restore a backup, change advertisements on your website, linux problems?

    Starts at only $45 USD per request.

  • Interwebs Coaching. Not sure what all this Facebook, Social Media and SEO is about? We can offer you professional help to get started successfully on the internet. Custom coaching sessions.

    Starting at $95 USD per session.


Request a Sample now

Interested in seeing a few samples? For external samples kindly drop us a quick message and we will provide you with references.

  • Sample 1. An article about Foursquare. All our articles are spiced up with Media.
  • Sample 2. An article about LinkedIn and several great resources.

Hendrik is not just an Internet guy, he also has expertise on a multiplicity of paradigms. His thoughts on SEO and AdSense are front-running in the on-line world.

Alex Buie, KWD Services

Your great and consistent work helped us a lot, but what we liked the most is your excellent customer service!

Benjamin Velner, CCNetpay

Hendrik is a resourceful very intelligent person, who will stop at nothing to make his goals reality, I enjoy working with him any day.

Jest Staffel,

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