Beta Testers for #DuoSense iPhone App needed

Posted on Jun 2, 2010 in AdsenseAdvertisingFeatured
We previously announced DuoSense in a blog post. Development proceeded and we are proud to have the first beta versions ready of our advanced AdSense tracking app. Currently the App provides more features than anything out there, actually going ahead and helping you with optimizing your account rather than just displaying information. Best of all, the app will be free.

Interested in testing our App? It’s easy.

We are looking for beta testers who are interested in testing DuoSense on their iPad/iPhone/IPod touch. We simply need your devices UDID and we can add you to our testing database.Send us an an email via our Contact-Us form and we will get back to asap with the app and instructions.

Tech Blogger? Help us spread the word!

We are looking for tech bloggers being interested in reviewing this innovative iPhone application. We’d honor you with a link back on our App-overview page. If you have a tech blog, please let us know. For us it is crucial to spread the word. Every feedback is appreciated.

Our Next Steps

We will be finishing beta testing and tweaking of some minor design issues in a week and will then go ahead with submission to the appstore. Once that is completed it will probably take another 1-2 weeks. Expect the App to be live for downloading at the end of June :).