Optimizing AdSense: The Best Text color

Posted on Apr 17, 2010 in AdsenseAdvertising
Colors are crucial to blend your AdSense ads and thus increase overall CTR. In this guide we are covering and explaining which text color to go for with your AdSense ads. This post is part of our complete AdSense guide.Polar Bear

Mr. Polar bear says: Blend your Text color!

Yes, I can only agree with what Mr. Polar Bear said, we need to blend our text color. So what does this blending actually mean? It’s easy, it means that we merge our ad’s design with the design of the surrounding content.We merge the designs because it allows us to make our ads look more like if they are part of the content. Obviously, who likes seeing advertisements? People don’t like being disturbed when surfing a website and seeing an ad with really bright text colors make their alarm bells ring. They’ll move ahead and subconsciously ignore the advertisement fully. The Text color plays a major role in blending your ads. So, what is the best Text color?

Use your website’s text color

What is your website’s text color? That’s the one you need to go for with your advertisement. If you are a Firefox user you can make use of a nice tool named Colorzilla, that allows you to zoom into your page and see the color of your text. Copy the color code, go into your AdSense account and set it as your text color. I in general highly suggest that you do not bright colors on your site, make sure your colors are black/greyish, that’s most comfortable to your readers.This post is part of our Complete AdSense Guide. Check it out for more tips like these.