Optimizing AdSense: Best Background Color

Posted on Apr 22, 2010 in AdsenseAdvertising
This article is dedicated for discussing the question what background color AdSense publishers should use. Probably one of the biggest factors determining your CTR is the color of the background. Read further if you want to know what the best background color for AdSense is.AdSense smiling cat

Smiling Cat says: Blend your Background!

The default settings for AdSense is a white background #FFFFFF (six times F). The problem arrises if your websites has a different background color or even worse; a gradient like the below example.
adsense background color Blending your background color basically means that you take the same color as your website’s overall background color. Most websites are already colored white, but some tend to have a grey gradient which makes the ad stand out and therefore might suffer from banner blindness. Not only that, but it makes your website look less professional.

Go with the flow!

Depending on your website’s layout and niche. Always try to place your ads there where there is no gradient on the background. AdSense does not provide that kind of coloring for your ad units. While most websites are white anyway, so that wouldn’t be such a huge problem. If you really are into optimizing your revenue, there is no way to go around but changing your website’s layout/colors to adjust to that of what is capable with AdSense.Now a question for you: Do you make your ad stand out by choosing a different color than your website’s background color, or do you blend your ads with the content?This post is part of our Complete AdSense Guide. Check it out for more tips like these.