Banned from Google

Posted on Nov 22, 2008 in Blogging
Today a person contacted me about a problem he had with Google. He was no longer getting any traffic from the Search Engine. Before he happened to get around 800 users per day and then suddenly only 10-20. The reason is simple: he used blackhat techniques and got banned.I am dedicating this article to the internet death-sentence, the worst punishment you can get in terms of SEO….. A ban from Google. I am gonna explain the dangers of a ban, what indicates a ban and then let you know what you can do to get unbanned.So what are the real dangers of getting banned from Google? There are a couple of them, I am getting most traffic on all my websites from Google. 79 percent of my visitors on my gaming site are in fact coming through Google. Only 6 percent Yahoo and 3 percent MSN. If I would get banned that would mean a dramatical loss of traffic for me. Instead of my 20 000 visitors per day I would be able to expect around 500 at most.
Indicators for a ban

Indicators for a ban

With low traffic you are also of course not earning as much with your advertisements. 90 percent less visitors means 90 percent less money. If you some-how get penalized then it basically means that you can screw your website unless you somehow get unbanned. Let’s assume that you are making a living out of Adsense, did not get any education because your websites were running so well and then suddenly experience a dramatical loss of earnings… That would in no way be productive for you.What are the factors that lead to a ban?
  • Blackhat SEO techniques. Placing hidden text on your website is the most common mistake. Everything that is not white-hat (natural) can be labeled as black hat
  • Duplicate content. Copying content from another website will get you banned. If you ever copy content then make sure to include a link to the original source. That method is often used on newspaper websites and consequently okay. But make sure that you also provide good content
  • So called door-way pages that are just made to get visitors on to another site. Those wesites usually have a link in every article, Google penalizes that as well. I have once been banned on one of my blogs for making a which I only made to get visitors on my main-blog.
  • Spammy website. You are usually labeled as spam if you get a massive amount of backlinks within a short period of time. Stay natural and build up your backlinks slowly. Also don’t over do it with the keyword density of your articles.
  • Morally incorrect content: Content like extreme violence or anything else morally incorrect can get you banned as well. If you run a forum then this could be a potential danger – you can not control every user yet you will be penalized for them. Also viruses, spyware or any other badware will get you penalized and banned.
  • Automated content. There are some programs that claim that they can write you 100 percent original content per mouse click. That is wrong, in most cases the content is simply copied out of an article directory, thus counting as duplicate content. Automating your content-creation is a good and easy way to get booted.
The indicators of a ban from google are relatively simple. Check Google’s index of your website. IF there are no longer any pages listed then that means that you got banned.Now if you really got banned, what I don’t hope, then you can use a form to applicate for reinclusion into the search engine. To do so click this link. You are required to enter some details, what you think might have caused the ban, what you changed on your website since then etc. Make sure that you provide as detailed information as possible. Google will most likely not read your application on reinclusion twice. You only have one good chance, so make sure to be as honest as possible.So what can you do to request a reconsideration of your website? Google has the following in their FAQ:
  • First, make sure you’ve added your site to your Webmaster Tools account, and verified site ownership.
  • Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • On the Dashboard, under Talk to Google in the list on the right, click Request reconsideration and follow the steps.
If you are unsure what you should write then please check out my google reconsideration template.wFor my cloaking blog it took five months to get reincluded. I removed everything google-unfriendly and then reapplied… In fact the long waiting time only shows how little Adsense cares about small websites. I am almost 100 percent sure that they developed algorithms, so that they do not even check the reconsiderations on their own anymore… It will most likely be done by a robot as well. Just make sure you are honest, that’s the best thing you can do.Wishing your good luck with your application and re inclusion. If you will not get re-included then I can only recommend to make a new website, which is fully compatible with Google’s idea of a perfect website.