Autoblog Guide

Posted on May 12, 2010 in AutobloggingBlogging
White hat, grey hat or black hat. There are literally millions of ways to make money online. Blogging being one of them. Now Hendrik and I share the same interest on topics such as blogging, forums and advertising. We both like to either outsource or automate our work (who doesn’t?) and in this guide we would like you to introduce you to autoblogging.No it isn’t about cars or automotives in general. It’s about making your blogs run on auto-pilot. The idea behind autoblogs are that you do not touch them at all, and let the software do all the work. It creates content for you and promotes your blog while you are asleep or at work. Sounds awesome right? Yes it is, when executed correctly.I can write you a 10.000 word article on how to make one but I’d rather record videos and show you the stuff I’ve been doing the past months. And the results are quite satisfying actually. I’ll be posting on various topics about autoblogging the coming days so stay tuned.

The posts so far:

Topics being covered:
  • Hosting providers for autoblogs
  • Setting up an autoblog
  • Plugins
  • Finding RSS feeds (full content included)
  • Promotion (Twitter etc.)
  • Tracking Statistics
  • Yahoo Pipes
  • Advanced Autoblog Tips
If you think I missed something, please let me know in the comments or by email.Thanks,Mark