5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Ads Rock

Posted on May 16, 2010 in LinkedInVideo Channel
LinkedIn recently introduced their new advertising platform. It’s a great opportunity for us people in the B2B market to generate additional orders. I also made a video a alongside this post which is embedded below.Note: Turn Off HD if the video is not loading fast enough.

1. LinkedIn Ads yield incredibly high ROI

You only want to show ads to people that want to do business. By doing so you make sure that people clicking your ads afterwards grab their Credit-Card and purchase! That lays in the Nature of LinkedIn. Users over there are all business people: They scout and continuously look for good business opportunities. Everyone clicking your ad is interested in doing business and will eventually contact you.That’s an excellent new opportunity for people in B2B Market.

2. You no longer WASTE money on Miss-clicks!

LinkedIn Ads are placed at a good location. They are placed on the right of the content area just like Google AdWords does. By placing them there LinkedIn manages to reduce the amount of people accidentally clicking on the advertisements. Less Miss-Clicks means lower advertising costs for you! Have a look at the attached screenshot. You can see the ads on the right there.

Linked In Advertisements

Notice the following:
  • They are nicely designed.
  • They are at a location nobody usually clicks.
  • They have a tiny image with them resulting in grabbing more attention.
  • They have a personal touch! You see who posted the ad can can check out his profile.

3. It’s so easy setting them up. Everyone can do it!

Setting up Ads has never been easier. You just need a LinkedIn account and not more than 5 minutes of time. Simply go to their advertising page and click on Start Now. The process is idiot-proof and easy. Adjust the texts, choose your targeting options, set how much you want to invest daily and you are good to go!  Make sure to watch the embedded video, I am walking you through the process there.

4. Buyers feel more comfortable

Below each ad is a link to the Advertiser’s profile page. That way the buyers can instantly see who set up the advertising campaign. They are feeling more comfortable as they know about the seller. Before proceeding with the purchase they can check out references, jobs and education of the seller. By knowing all that they are feeling way more comfortable with the purchase.

5. Ability to convert the Buyer into a long term Customer

The buyers know that you are active on LinkedIn and you can make use of that. Connect with them and keep staying in contact. That gives you the opportunity of staying in contact with them for a long time! After the initial purchase you can offer other custom packages to them. It’s an excellent way of building a full order-queue.Hope you enjoyed this article :). Will be adding a few more LinkedIn tutorials in the upcoming weeks.