Adsense Revolution

Posted on Oct 9, 2008 in AdsenseAdvertising
This is a series of articles about google’s advertising program adsense. At first I will write about why it changed the internet then how it changed the internet and lastly how you can improve your earnings. Make sure to read to the end :-).In total I wrote 5 posts about adsense. Here is the list:
  1. Adsense revolution
  2. How Adsense changed the internet
  3. Getting started with Adsense
  4. Improving your earnings with Google Adsense
  5. Google Adsense success story
Adsense has been a revolution on its own in this web 2.0 era.  It could get the credit for resurrection of the Internet after its bust in post Y2K scenario.  Adsense has changed how the web functions pre-Adsense era.  You can easily classify the Internet era into pre-Adsense and post-Adsense.  During pre-Adsense era, you could make a living out from the Internet only by selling, products or ads, etc.  But post-Adsense you can make a living out of anything if you have a decent and unique content.To start with Adsense all you need is some good quality content as said above and you can monetize that content by hosting it in a site (both self hosted or from free hosting) to earn money from it.To explain more, before AdSense came into existence, there was only one form of advertising option available on the Internet, i.e. banner advertising where your ad will be displayed using an image.  Eventually people have started to form banner blindness or ads blindnesss.  Hence they tend to ignore such ads placed on websites without even looking at it, except on occasions or with some very impressive ads.This ad blindedness would have prompted Google to introduce Google AdSense, which is nothing but ads but involving only texts (but later they have even added banner ads).  These text ads by Google initially was introduced only on their search results and eventually introduced to add to various websites and blogs.  And this is when the actual revolution from AdSense started.AdSense slowly but steadily started to appear in many sites and although most of them were skeptical about its success, it broke all those and came out victorious.  Now AdSense has started to creep into almost all sites across the net.  The earning potential for the sites, which were nil before the introduction AdSense have started to creep up for various sites.  After a while you could never see a site without AdSense Ads in it.During this time, Web 2.0 came into being and blogs had become the buzzwords everywhere.  Almost all blogs have started to place AdSense in them and this made individuals, and not only big or small firms, to earn money online easily and this has again started a new revolution in terms of making money online through AdSense.  Many have started blogging on their own domain and some preferred to stick with free hosting from blogspot, etc.And this feature of monetizing money using blogs and other Web 2.0 tools had made the AdSense success story even sweeter.  The AdSense alone combined with Web 2.0 tools like blogs made many individual entrepreneurs and some even quit their more lucrative high-paying jobs and business and started to concentrate on their blogs to earn money from it through AdSense alone.  This shows the power of AdSense and how it changed the lives of many.It really was a dream run so far for Adsense except for a few minor hiccups here and there.  This is how AdSense had created a silent revolution in the resurrection of the Internet again.So, finishing my article about adsene’s revolution I highly suggest you to continue reading my next article on how adsense changed the web.