AdSense millionaire

Posted on Apr 5, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertising
Ever wanted to get an inside-peek into how people become AdSense millionaires? I talked to 3k per day earner Matt Smith owning Matt talks about how he developed his business, how he monetized it and why his website succeeds. Matt titles himself “International man” as he is traveling around the world frequently. “My headquarters are in Buenos Aires, nonetheless, I work from all around the world”.

The interview

Inspiring quotes

If it doesn’t add any value to the world, it’s not gonna work for long.
The software cost me 1800$ to build.
I don’t like to work, so I do everything that I can to develop automated systems.
The software that I use grabs all the information from the public domain and puts it in a usable format on my website.
People are looking for online, that’s free and publicly available but is difficult to find. If you can take that data and organize it well than you can build a system like this one.
62% of the visitors come from Google organic. 88% from Search Engines in general.
If you are providing valuable content, then Google’s system understands it. Organizing the publicly available information in a unique way is the key.
For today, this morning, the 26th February I earned: 47139.10$.
My development team is all in Ukraine.
The key to a very effective AdSense site is traffic.
If you don’t tell Google what your website is about in multiple ways, then they don’t know how to rank you.
You don’t find an email address on the website, we don’t want to talk to people. It’s free content if you like it, that’s great, if you have a complaint just go away.
My goal is to live my life. This type of website makes it a little easier.
Thanks again for the interview Matt. I must say that you are pretty inspiring for me and probably all our readers. Good job with your website :-).