AdSense inside post for vBulletin

Posted on Mar 26, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertising
JMW asked for help with adding AdSense inside a post for vBulletin. He wants the ads above the signature but below the post content. Several people already asked that question and so I thought, hey, let’s make a tutorial for that.Why placing ads inside the post is good That’s actually a relatively good placement, especially because that’s a placement in a so called hot-zone (see heat map). Your users are reading your post, scrolling down and then see the ad because it’s right in the content they are interested in. If the ads are relevant then you should get a decent amount of clicks, which is the case with vBulletin.Placing ads inside the post He is using the postbit legacy template and didn’t find any guide for that. It’s almost the same for both templates as they use the same variables. I made a quick video guide which I am attaching below. I didn’t really notice it while making the video tutorial, but the easiest way is to put your Ad code into the Ad location templates and then into the ad_showthread_firstpost_sig. Just put it in there and you are good to go.Alternatively search for $template_hook[postbit_signature_start] and above put your AdSense code. If you don’t have that in your templates because you are using pre 3.8 vBulletin versions, search for: and paste your AdSense code above. Same applies to both postbit_legacy and postbit templates.Template Conditionals If you really want to make it a placement you will have to use template conditionals. Else your ads don’t show properly. The template conditional I use to display the ads only in the first post is the following:<if condition=”$show['guest'] AND ($post[postcount] % $vboptions[maxposts] == 1)”>AdSense code </if>For more conditionals please see this post.Hope you enjoyed the quick tutorial, if you are having problems, please either drop a comment here, or post in the related thread about AdSense in the postbit_legacy