AdSense in a nutshell

Posted on Mar 19, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertisingVideo Channel
The software for Google AdSense was acquired in April 2003 for $102 million. This article is meant as a quick overview of AdSense, allowing you to learn the basics in a nutshell. This post is part of our complete AdSense guide series.Why Use AdSense?Whether you should join the Google AdSense program or not – is entirely up to you. However, if you have some free ad space on your website(s), you should certainly consider joining Google AdSense. It’s a great way to earn at least some pocket money for yourself, or go for the big goal. Signup for AdSense here.Here are a few reasons why you should use AdSense:
  • A lot of people got filthy rich from AdSense.
  • Save time finding advertisers for your site.
  • No programming skills needed, it’s just one tiny snippet of code per Ad unit.
  • Joining Google AdSense is easy and completely free.
  • You can customize colors of the Ads to match your site’s colors.
AdSense basic facts
  • Google does not allow warez, adult or hate sites.
  • Google earns by taking ~25% commission whenever a user clicks the ad.
  • Payments are available to you once your account reaches 100$. Afterwards you get paid monthly.
  • To show ads you only have to paste a snippet of code on your website.
  • Advertisers (AdWords) pay per click or per 1000 impressions. That’s the way you earn too.
  • Rectangles perform best. Horizontal banners no longer perform well (=banner blindness).
  • Use channels to track your individual ad units. There are URL channels and custom channels.
  • Image Ads aren’t as well performing as text Ads for most sites.
  • Image Ads are usually less relevant than text ads.
  • Section targeting allows you to make your ads more relevant.
  • Google AdSense has poor/no support.
  • Neither click your own ads nor tell your friends to do so. You either get banned from AdSense or get smart priced.
How did AdSense become so Successful?Being a successful search engine could already be the reason why Google would be successful in advertising. People search the Internet for something like “dog food chicago” and they would get relevant search results. What if Google allowed webmasters to pay them to be showed on the front page of those keywords? Exactly how AdWords was born.The key of AdSense’s success are the relevant ads, only with relevant ads they were able to ensure high revenue for the advertiser and publisher. AdSense is in fact one of the easiest ad-programs there is, copy a code, paste it on your website and you earn money.