AdSense Guide for vBulletin 4

Posted on Mar 1, 2010 in AdsenseAdvertising
Within this tutorial I am covering tips and tricks for properly optimizing your AdSense units for vBulletin 4. We’ll be going through AdSense placements and the best colors for your Ad-units. I am using the default vB 4 Style on my forums as I really enjoy the semantic layout and the user-friendliness. It’s also perfect for AdSense in fact :).

3 reasons to go for the default vB-Style

  1. It’s perfect for AdSense: The default vBulletin Style consists of light colors, blue links. Everything we need for nicely blending our ads.
  2. Saves us time with future upgrades, the trick I show in the video allows you to set the ads once, then forget it for future style updates using the default style.
  3. AdSense looks nice. There are styles that still look nice in combination with AdSense. It still looks extremely user-friendly.
If you nonetheless prefer other styles, no problem. The placements remain the same, you’ll just need to adjust colors in order to match your site even better.

The ideal AdSense colors for vB 4

I am properly blending my ads like with every other style. White background color, white BG color, blue Title color and black Text and URL. AdSense_for_vB4

The best placements for vB4

I suggest placing your ads both in the navbar and in your postbit template. Both are extremely good locations for AdSense as they are right in the center of attention where your visitors look at. In case you think of them as too aggressive, you can just go for smaller ad-units such as for example medium/small rectangles. Make sure that you go for rectangles, nothing else. I am showing Ads to guests only in my case.Happy embedding!