3 AdSense Factors explained and How to Optimize them

Posted on Jun 22, 2010 in Advertising
There are 3 things that increase your AdSense revenue. This article covers them and explains you how they influence and aid with optimizing your AdSense earnings.

#1 Impressions

The more visitors you have the more clicks you generate and thus your revenue increases. This is crucial to take into consideration because it implies that you will need to work on having more members on your forum. The members create the content that is then found through search engines and thus generating extra $ for you. That’s also the reason for me not suggesting too many ads to make sure that members still register and continue to produce content. That also explains why we should not show so many ads to registered users.

#2 Click Through Rate

The Click-Through-Rate determines how many of your hundred visitors click on your ads. The higher that percentage is the more clicks you get and thus the higher your revenue is. Factors to improve CTR are placements and colors of your AdSense units. The idea is to find good placements that do not annoy visitors to ensure continuous content creation. More ad units also increase the CTR however decrease the PPC (#3)

#3 Pay-Per-Click

PPC is crucial as it determines how much you are earning per click. Obviously the higher the PPC the more you are earning in total. The PPC fluctuates greatly and to understand how to optimize it you need to know that Google does all to ensure that advertisers earn money via AdWords. The more they earn the more you earn.
  • They want high quality clicks.
  • They are willing to pay more if there are only few ad units on your site as space is limited.
  • They want good placements they can target to promote their brand
  • They want to be able to target individual pages on your site instead of just targeting your site globally.
Happy Optimizing :-).