Why You Must Use the AdSense Ad Planner Publisher Center

Posted on May 7, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertising
Google quitely introduced the AdSense Ad Planner Publisher Center. If you are not using AdSense Ad Planner publisher center yet, then skip all other tasks and sign up now. With every minute of not being signed up you potentially lose money.

Our video post

Read a full description in text version below.

Understanding why the Planner kicks ass

There are 3 factors which determine your AdSense income
  • Traffic
  • Click Through Rate
  • Cost Per Click
I know that a lot of people only work on the first factor, the traffic, but seriously you are missing money if you think so. We have written several good posts (see our complete AdSense guide) about CTR optimization potentially increasing your monthly AdSense income by 100-300% however we never really talked about the last factor – the CPC. Looking at my CPC of content network ads and Placement targeted ads the CPC of the placement targeted ads is 5 times higher. My website is about computer games, resulting in the dramatic increase so it should probably not be as high for you if you are in better niches. See this post if you are unsure how you can see the CPC of Placement Targeted ads.Imagine if your CPC would go up 2 times. That would also increase your total revenue by around 2 times.That’s basically what the Ad Planner Publisher Center helps us with: Being placement targeted by more advertisers. AdSense previously had something similar, a sign up page for advertisers to placement target your website directly, but that feature was retired.

Signing up for the Ad Planner Publisher Center

Signing up is easy. All you need is a Google Account, which you should have if you are reading this post. Simply open the publisher homepage and you are good to go. You will need to verify your websites using either Webmaster’s Tools or DoubleClick’s Site advisor. All previously verified websites can automatically be used without further verification required.

Setting up your website in Ad Planner

A said in the video, you need to make the advertisers fall in love with your website, fill the fields as good as possible
  • Site thumbnail: Automatically generated
  • Site description: Highlight why your website rocks and what kind of traffic you have
  • Advertising Information URL: Link to a custom more detailed advertising page you made
  • Categories: Choose as relevant as possible categories
  • Accepted advertising: Yes of course.
    • Placement type: The ad types you are offering
    • Creative format: The ad formats they can choose (AdSense: Text and Image)
    • Size: Tick the available sizes. (You are doing something wrong if you have horizontal banners only)
  • Shared Google Analytics data: Share it to show your website’s quality
  • An example: D3scene.com

    Check out how I did it for D3scene.com. It’s still not perfect but above the average. You might even wanna consider hiring a professional writer for writing the planner page and your custom advertising page for you. Always keep in mind: The better it is the more money you will make.

Spreading the word about your website

To get as many advertisers as possible to compete for your ad space, you need to spread the word around. One very simple, but effective way to do this is heading to www.google.com and type in your main keywords for your website (and possibly the sub pages for different queries) and see if there are any AdWords advertisers. Simply click the ad ;) or type in the url yourself and send them the url of your Ad Planner page to make them go “WOW, I need to advertise placement-targeted ads on that website”.Note: Keep in mind that you should not only send the link to the Ad Planner page, but also make arguments in the same email about why they should advertise on your website. It may sound dumb, but a link itself won’t cut it. Let the advertisers love your ad space, give them worth their investment and you might attract more and more advertisers until they fight for the number 1 spot. Say hello to a high CPC.Let us know by commenting if the Ad Planner program already positively affected your CPC, if so then congratulations. If you have anything to discuss, do not hesitate to ask here – we love commenters just like you do. And it might help others as well.