This page contains some feedback we got from other webmasters after helping them with their website. We usually help with advertising/AdSense in general and SEO related issues. If we help you then we would of course appreciate feedback as well.
All I can say is WOW. I knew this was optimal, however, was struggling with a placement option. In 36 hours since making this change, my clicks went up nearly 700% and my revenue 400+%
I want to thank these guys for the Adsense Consultation I received. As mentioned in the video they provided I was making 1-1.5% CTR and after implementing their ideas and suggestions I saw an increase to 4% CTR within the first 24 hours and have maintained that for nearly a week now. Thanks so much guys!
Realized once again that I shouldn’t do all things by myself and instead look for specialist consultancy. Review was really helpful, I implemented a few tips only but nonetheless my CTR tripled immediately. CPM is at least double of what it was before. Thank you very much.
Adsense earnings way higher! Thanks a lot. If you ever visit SA I owe you a few rounds!
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I had a bumper income , can’t tell you how thankful I can be to you.
You are a star! Thanks so much for your review – no wonder you are so successful! :)
This review was absolutely great. I was expecting a text review and when I saw it was a video I was very impressed. The review pointed out some small but very good tips that I do believe will increase my revenue from adsense quite a bit. I plan on implementing several of the ideas. Overall I am very impressed with the review and would definitely recommend it to someone else. Great job.”
Thanks for the reply, I found a great source of information in your bio, Great blog. Very easy to read, I really enjoy it.