Hi! We are Hendrik and Mark, the guys behind award-winning DuoBlogger.com (German language).Playing an old fashion game named Tribes 2 we got to know each other because we shared the interest of killing our teammates. Liking our new strategy we exchanged emails for future games. Back then we were 11 years old and somewhat only able to speak our mother-tongue. English improved over the years and we started becoming active on the web. Both having our own sites we wanted to do something together and thus founded DuoBlogger in 2008.

DuoBlogger went live in 2008

Our main goal with DuoBlogger is to share the knowledge we gathered on our other projects to help webmasters around the world. We believe that there are too few good resources about online advertising and AdSense. With DuoBlogger we provide an excellent pool of information to all webmasters wanting to optimize monetization of their websites.

Mallorca 2009

Mallorca summer holidays (2009)

… I am Hendrik!

hendrik kleinwaechterI was born in 1989 Hamburg, Germany. I currently study General Management at the PFH Goettingen, one of the best business schools in Germany. I won a 25,000 Euro scholarship competition there in 2009.My internet activity started with a gaming forum serving the sole purpose of discussing stuff with my friends. The site grew quickly and I started monetizing my increasing traffic. I learned about SEO, AdSense and marketing. Yielding high ROI I started investing in more online sites. Knowing about Mark’s internet activity I suggested that we could do a project together – thus DuoBlogger came alive.I see DuoBlogger as a company offering a great blog and professional consulting services.

… and I am Mark!

mark hagethorn I was born in 1988 in Papendrecht, Netherlands. I am studying Communication, specializing in Digital Media at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.My Internet career started with several small blogspot blogs focusing on my favorite topics. I realized that being a webmaster and enjoying passive income is nice and turned this into my long term goal. With several automated blogs such as my dutch news website I wanted more and thought that a project together with Hendrik would be good for future success. We founded DuoBlogger shortly thereafter.I see us consultants knowing not only tiny bits about the internet, but understanding how websites and how internet surfers work. I want to be able to help clients with all questions, making us a general internet consulting company.

2 countries, 1 idea, global audience

Despite coming from different countries both of us share the same idea: we want to help businesses with online business. We can help with not only AdSense, but SEO, AdWords, communities and much more. Currently 80% of our clients are not coming from our home countries, we have global customers.