8 Awesome LinkedIn Resources to Network More Productively

Posted on Jul 8, 2010 in LinkedIn
We are all aware how much value LinkedIn provides to our daily business. We are being introduced to new partners, we connect with interesting people or simply use LinkedIn to stay in touch with our friends. This is a summary of several great LinkedIn resources that help you with enhancing your networking skills.

1. Stay up to date – the Official LinkedIn Blog

What better place to look for guides to LinkedIn than LinkedIn’s own blog? The blog contains articles posted by LinkedIn’s own employees. There are plenty of interviews with industry leaders if you ever find yourself in need of inspiration.

2. 10 Awesome Ways to Use LinkedIn

According to my inside sources, the person with the most pending LinkedIn invitations is…Guy Kawasaki (Though I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed of this factoid.)” – Guy KawasakiThis blog is a little bit old but is it still considered the best resource for LinkedIn.It gives ten great ways to use LinkedIn which can very well be used by users as well as starters.

3. LinkedIn Intelligence – excellent guides and tutorials.

I think the URL ‘LinkedIn Intelligence’ says it all. ‘Intelligence’ here is not used to mean the ‘Quality of being intelligent’. Rather, it means a collection of information, just like ‘Intelligence’ in ‘CIA’. The site has a daily list of the top LinkedIn related articles that help you make the best use of your profile.

4. Using LinkedIn effectively for Marketing and SEO

With topics that progress from “How to use LinkedIn’ to ‘How to use LinkedIn effectively’, you know you are in for a great read. This blog contains a list of 20 resources that teach you how to use LinkedIn for marketing and SEO.

5. LinkedIn’s Missing User Manual

A great User Manual of LinkedIn. The blog has been very well divided into parts explaining on how to use the LinkedIn for various different uses. This is meant to complement, rather than replace the official LinkedIn manual.

6. LinkedIn Tips for Executive Job (re)Search

Great tips for searching a job on LinkedIn using the right technique

7. Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

It is another article from Guy Kawasaki helping you in correcting your profile.This one is about building an “up to the mark” profile for users. Many a times profiles are incomplete or do not have a useful headline (that’s the field just under your name). 8

8. LinkedIn Notes – An Excellent Community Forum

This is one forum helping the users in solving their queries and questions. The community has plenty of helpful members ready to answer any questions you may have.We hope you found these resources useful. Good luck to all those who are planning to open up an account with LinkedIn or to all those who are already users and are planning to implement tips from these resources.