7 Silly LinkedIn Invitations You Should Never Write

Posted on Jun 24, 2010 in LinkedInSocial Media
How often do you find run-of-the-mill LinkedIn invitations waiting in your Inbox? These default “I want to add you to my network” type of messages are the bane of many LinekdIn users. That said, some overly “creative” individuals have found ways to somehow “spice up” their invites. While these are commendable acts that will guarantee some form of response, we won’t say whether the replies garnered are positive or otherwise. Use your judgment and tell us whether these are the 7 silliest LinkedIn invitations you should never write!

1. The Haiku-loving Poet

My LinkedIn invitation - in your email. DIIINNNGG!

2. The Yoda

On LinkedIn, I am. Want to connect with you, I do. Be part of my network, will you? Join the LinkedIn force, you must.

Pic credit: Yamaggio

3. The Twilighter

So, I’m like, lying around wonderin’ when my boyfriend’s going to turn me into a vampire like he is because I’ve got a nagging fear of ageing and dying an old hag before he does, and I thought like, hey why don’t I send you a LinkedIn invite? And since he’s offed and left me hanging I thought like, maybe I’ll live dangerously and add you to my connection alright? And since I’m too depressed to do anything but lie around waiting for accidents to happen, maybe you and I can connect and maybe once my boyfriend sees how much of a danger I’m in, he’ll show up again.So yeah, let’s connect during this new moon before the next eclipse okay.

Pic credit joniang.com

4. The Hypnotist

At the count of three, you will do my bidding.3…2…1…You will click ‘Connect’ and add me to your network. You will click ‘Connect’ and add me to your network. You will click ‘Connect’ and add me to your network.

5. The Mommy Dearest

Hello dear,Is this how you do it? My, look how technology has advanced. All this new-fangled whatchamacallit. Don’t you use email anymore? Why won’t you call your mother? You never call your mother! And you never seem to come have dinner with me anymore after the last Jenna girl fiasco. Who are you seeing now? Is she pretty? Rich? Oh but I’m going out of topic, I meant to ask you if you wanted to connect with me on Lucked Out? Linked Out? OH LinkedIn! That’s the name of this site! Your mom’s such a klutz. Don’t forget to call or visit now. You be good, sunshine!XOXOX Love, Mom

6. The Facebook Fan

So yeah, I decided to take a break from Facebook and connect with you on LinkedIn for a bit. Speaking of LinkedIn, I’m just wondering where the Farmville games are. Are there ANY games at all in this s*** place or what? What’s the deal with all these “recommendations” and all? And where are all the photos of them hot chicks? And where’s the f***ing ‘LIKE’ button? I can’t function like this, I just can’t!!!111F*** it I’m gong back to Facebook!

Pic credit to absolutelyfabulous05.blogspot.com

7. The Leet Geek

IMO LinkedIn r0xx0rz so don’t b a n00b WTH add me anyway. BTW, ASL pls? THX TTYL no pr0n 4u LOL!

Pic credit: noobstore.com