7 Habits to Become More Productive On LinkedIn

Posted on Jun 7, 2010 in FeaturedLinkedInSocial Media

1. Use LinkedIn aggressively every day

And by “aggressively” we mean logging on to your LinkedIn profile and perform tweaks and changes to see what results will surface. No matter how small the tweaks are, you should be able to notice a marked change. Things to ask yourself include:“Who have I added to my network recently that I may contact regarding a new business opportunity?”“What have I learned from LinkedIn and my contacts today?”

2. Sprinkle keywords effectively in your LinkedIn profile

According to Lewis Howes, co-author of “LinkedWorking: Generating Success on the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website”, he says that it is possible to be an efficient LinkedIn expert when you include your desired keywords in your profile, such as “freelance writer”, “Mexican chef” or “social media strategist” specifically in these 5 sections:
  • Headline
  • Current experience
  • Past experiences
  • Summary
  • List of specialties
Doing this will help you get higher rankings when a certain search for your desired keyword is performed in search.

3. Grab your own LinkedIn vanity URL

Like Facebook, you too can have your very own vanity URL on LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, you can select another vanity URL if you don’t like your first choice. The catch is, your previous URL will not be valid, so think carefully before you make a choice.To do this, you should sign in, head towards Settings, Public Profile and then Edit Your Public Profile URL. A minimum of 5 characters for your custom URL is needed. Do note that you will not be asked if you want to keep your custom URL right after entering your desired profile name.

4. Polish your summary

In order to create a really concise summary, one that packs a pack and will create a better impact, you should address these 3 questions:
  • “Who am I?”
  • “Who do I want to help?”
  • “What can I do to help?”
Sum up your skills and how you can benefit other people in your summary. This should be one of the most important sections in your profile – one that will SELL you effectively as a professional individual.

5. Don’t be shy to ask for introductions

Think of LinkedIn as a speed dating cafe! Never hesitate to ask for introductions if you would like to joint venture or work with an individual outside your circle of connections. Once the fleeting chance to hook up is over, you may not have another opportunity like this again so act fast and get your connections crackin’!

6. Download Tweetdeck and keep in touch with your LinkedIn network

Tune in to advantageous information shared on LinkedIn via Tweetdeck. Share useful tips by adding the #in hashtag at the end of your post. That way you can interact effectively with your contacts.

7. Promote your LinkedIn profile

One of the best things about having a profile on LinkedIn is that people will be able to find you easily. Chances are, the top results that appear when people perform a quick Google search for your name is your LinkedIn profile. You can increase the chances of being ranked higher in the search engines by promoting your LinkedIn profile on other social networking sites. Facebook is a great way to start. Edit your profile there and include a URL to your LinkedIn profile. The same goes for Twitter and other Web 2.0 properties like Digg and Hubpages.com.Also, you may want to think about some offline tactics here. Why not order a redesign for your business cards and incorporate your LinkedIn profile URL in it (see item #3 on how to grab your own LinkedIn vanity URL)? This will encourage your contacts to visit your profile and add you to their network – Instant business opportunities, even when offline!