6 Kontera Tips and Strategies to Generate More Income

Posted on May 4, 2010 in Kontera
There’s been some complains floating around the Internet coming from disgruntled bloggers claiming that Kontera doesn’t pay them enough. While it’s true that Kontera is the ideal contextual advertising company for those who own high-traffic sites, small-time blog owners can also benefit from placing Kontera tags in their web properties. With the right optimization, making money online with Kontera can be easy breezy!1. Placing the Kontera codes correctly I can never stress enough the importance of inserting your Kontera codes in the right place. Scroll to the bottom of the designated page and paste the line of codes right before the tag.2. Keep your Kontera ads out of the comments This is a very helpful hint especially for bloggers who usually garner truck loads of comments daily. You don’t want your ads appearing at the end of a long comment because that will not give you optimized clicks.3. Blue vs. Green The default Kontera ad links are blue in color but you can test other colors too, namely green. Publishers have commented that the blue links yielded good results but you can always experiment with other colors for a set period of time while asking for feedback from your blog readers. However, we think it’s best that you pick a color that suits your website’s general color scheme.4. Tell your readers about your Kontera ad links! Yes, this is perfectly legal! There is no harm telling your readers what these little double-underlined links are. As long as you are not directly asking them to click on the ads, you will not be penalized by Kontera. This can even improve your CTR!5. Maximize your earnings – Be a Kontera affiliate There are certain criteria to be met before you will be considered an affiliate. Firstly you must be able run Kontera Content Link ads for at least three months and at the same time, generate a minimum amount of $100 as revenue per month. Once you refer your friends via the “Invite a Friend” program, you get to earn $25 per new user you bring in to the Kontera network!6. Earning through Hubpages.com Did you know that you can also earn added revenue from Kontera via Hubpages.com? Hubpages is a great Web 2.0 site that allows it users to post “hubs” – informative articles where the authors can post just about anything at all. Log in to your Hubpages account and key in your particulars so that you can make a little extra income from writing about things you like!