5 Vital Tips to Getting Hired on LinkedIn

Posted on Jun 1, 2010 in Social Media

LinkedIn is a networking site unlike any other. Call it a professional version of Facebook minus the games, if you will, but I think LinkedIn is in a higher class altogether. Besides being able to foster closer ties with people you’ve worked with or are connected in one way or other, you can also find like-minded individuals who may very well be your vessel that propels you towards better success! Translated, this means that these new connections may land you a job or that career opportunity you’ve been hankering after!Forget waiting for head hunters to spot you out of a sea of talents. Here are 5 vital tips that can help you get your dream job via LinkedIn.

1. Create a compelling headline

Think of your headline as your Unique Selling Point (USP). Or your very own tagline that will attract other people into “buying” you as a product. This is the first thing potential employers will see upon discovering your LinkedIn profile and like they said, first impression counts so make sure your headline sums up your positive aspects. Keep it short and sweet though, no one likes a braggart or a long-winded person.

2. Include your working history – Both past and present

Including a concise working history shows potential hirers where you’ve been and what you did. That way they more or less know your areas of expertise.

3. Take time to give recommendations

Life is all about giving and taking. This rings true on LinkedIn when it comes to giving and receiving recommendations. Recommendations are like reviews people give about you. Think of yourself as a product. If you are trying to market yourself to potential companies looking to hire a talented employee like you, it pays to have as many positive “reviews’ about yourself on your profile. Through recommendations, people don’t just vouch for you, they also include good attributes that sets you apart from the rest of your competitors.How do you obtain these precious recommendations? By being generous, of course! Take the time to sit down and write recommendations for contacts and they may just return the favor. Be sincere and honest without too flattering (people can spot a drama queen a mile away!) and you’ll be surprised just how many recommendations you’ll be able to garner.

4. Be active and proactive

Being active means you should log on to your profile from time to time (ideally, daily) to see what’s happening. Check to see who are your new contacts, browse other people’s, join and even create groups relevant to your niche – You’ll find that all this will make you seem all the more attractive on LinkedIn. Nobody likes someone who creates a profile and leaves it hanging.Being proactive on the other hand means looking into your network and connections to see what opportunities can be reaped.

5. Complete your profile 100%!

Ever wandered into a user’s incomplete LinkedIn profile and wonder if that individual is serious about his being there? Likewise, you should complete your profile and show others that you are a committed individual – both to his LinkedIn presence and his job.