5 Tips for Handling Contacts on LinkedIn

Posted on May 24, 2010 in LinkedIn

According to many people networking is a really hectic technique but it is true that LinkedIn is much different than any other social networking sites. It deals with professions, business and career oriented matters. This is the only networking site where you can meet and communicate with professional experts from different sectors across the globe. The main word in here is “connecting” but we need to look what we have common before we connect.As a registered member you can create your own account with the information and details about you, your business, company and contacts and especially your products and services. After accomplishing all these formalities you can invite other people to be connected with your networks and it does not matter whether the person is the user of LinkedIn or not.

1. Connect with new people and properly manage your contacts

If your business is in a growing state then it is the ideal place that allows getting you connected with real professionals in order to make your business contacts list large. You have to approach the likeminded people to initiate a networking process. Use LinkedIn for networking, not for promotion of your stuff! Keep in touch with your contacts and convert them into a great resource!

2. Be helped with the Answers Tool.

This great tool allows you to ask any question on any topics and also allows people to give answer to your questions. This is the great way to interact with different people and to get to know them better. It nicely helps with networking. You can afterwards add the people helping you to your contacts.

3. Grow, Grow and Grow your connections.

Currently more than millions of professionals are associated with LinkedIn. You will have to grow your contacts and connect with new people. Make sure to not overdo it. Quality is king here. You will only want to connect with good people. Showing off your network is excellent for new people having interest in you.

4. Share the same interest with your LinkedIn Groups

It allows you to associate with specific groups where you can mix up with people and one day most of them would be your potential partners or customers. Always try to post good content because this helps you to brand your company names and off course your business.

5. Find great opportunities in LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is the place where you can post jobs and recruit people also for your company. Here you can get the prospective employees for your company and if you are looking for jobs then it is also a good platform for you because there you can find a lot of jobs are waiting for you.So what are you waiting for! Just register with LinkedIn and start professional networking.