4 Ways to Greatly Improve Blogging Experience

Posted on May 20, 2010 in Blogging

The World Wide Web is home to countless social networking sites, corporate and personal websites, and the like. Blogs are flourishing in the virtual world and this is made possible through the many blog platforms including WordPress, TypePad, Blogsmith and many more. Most people express themselves and show their interests through blogging. However, not all of these blogs are visited by web surfers every day. Some get thousands of visitors on a daily while others remain idle. Below are some tips on how you could make your current or even upcoming blog more enticing.

1. Focus on what you are really interested in

It’s great to have a variety of topics in a personal blog but if you are starting a blog about a particular subject matter, you should definitely stick to it. And that theme should be something that you are passionate about. You may also include other issues but do make sure that it is still related to the main topic of the blog. Are you into movies? You can talk about the upcoming flicks and include reviews of the movies that you already watched. At the same time, you may also include gossips related to celebrities in upcoming movies.

2. Get rid of anonymity and tell your readers who you are

They would be more interested to read your blog if you would tell them your name. A little background of yourself would also entice them to visit your blog from time to time. Your readers would become more curious about the things that fascinate you especially if they have the same interests as well, and they do want to associate a face with the blog that they reading.

3. Do not stick to a certain number of words on every post. Be spontaneous!

Whenever you write on your blog, just let your thoughts flow. Do not limit yourself with a paragraph or two. If you think that the words are not yet enough to discuss about your topic then keep on writing, but know exactly when to stop. Blogs that have the same number of words in every post won’t look natural . Instead, it would appear that writers have been hired to do the posting.

4. Make sure that you put the right keywords in your content

As long as you have the right keywords and tags, there is a big chance that the search engines will promote your blog. This would result in more traffic and could even generate income if you are using your blog to earn money at the same time. However, bear in mind that stuffing a post with so many keywords would make your blog look unnatural. Most search engines would not only think of your blog as a spam but you will also have the quality of your content compromised at the same time.

5. Don’t procrastinate!

There are bloggers and well, there are slower bloggers. Once you have your domain and blog set up and running, you need to adopt a positive mindset towards it and update your blog regularly. If you find it difficult to manage your time, you can use Todoist.com to help you create a better schedule, one that can fit your blogging activities with the rest of your tasks.Even if you’ve got no time to blog, find time to update at least once a week, telling readers how busy you are and how they should stick around for better content once you’re free of your busy timetable.