3 Tips to Improve Chances of Google News Acceptance

Posted on Jun 11, 2010 in Featured
Google News is a haven for commendable sources of information. To have your website being accepted here will result in a flood of traffic and an enviable amount of exposure. However, do you know what it takes to make your site Google News-worthy?Here are 5 quick criteria that will greatly up your chances of seeing your site or even an article on Google News.

1. Original content is king

Yes, content is king but writing fresh and original articles will help your website or articles being published on Google News even sooner. Never mind that Google values non-duplicate content, but you owe it to your readers to submit only content that is never found elsewhere. This will also boost your credibility and enhance your presence on the World Wide Web, right away establishing yourself as a source of news-worthy content.

2. Website look and feel – Clear direction and appearance

If you are going to be a source of creditable information, you may want to stand back and scrutinize your website look and feel a bit. Ask yourself:
  • “Am I maintaining a clear-cut identity on my website that’s related to my niche?”
  • “Can my readers tell what sort of website I run?”
  • “Will they bookmark my site, or return to my site over and over again for more news-worthy articles?”
A complete redesign isn’t really necessary but sprucing up your site with useful features will prove to be a wise move. For example, if your site is run on the popular WordPress platform, you can consider nifty plugins such as these:a) Lazy Load This plugin delays the loading of images and proves to be invaluable when used in image-heavy pages. Images way below the page will remain un-loaded as long as you don’t scroll down. You can download it here.b) IntenseDebate There’s a whole lot of features for this handy WordPress plugin. Your readers will enjoy leaving comments with added avatar, reputation points and other features not found elsewhere.c) BackType TweetCount This plugin lets your readers re-tweet your posts easily and effortlessly.

3. Images and graphical elements

Who says news articles have to be boring? Include some images so that your readers won’t fall asleep reading them. A good tip is to optimize the images by incorporating alt tags with relevant keywords. This lets Google’s spides crawl through them more effectively. blog image Photo by Annie Mole