3 Dead Simple Ways to Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted on Jun 7, 2010 in LinkedInSocial Media
Have you heard? White is the new black, and LinkedIn is the new Facebook! For those who are not feeling the excitement in being a part of world’s largest and arguably most popular professional social networking website, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. You’re missing out a great deal on business opportunities and other money making stints by not being among the 65 million professionals who are leveraging on the power of LinkedIn as a successful business networking tool. If you already have a profile on LinkedIn, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve written a guide on how to promote your profile. Here are 3 extremely quick tips you can implement to promote your LinkedIn profile.

1. Add your LinkedIn profile button to your email signature

There are many ways to do this but one of the easiest has got to be this method that I’m about to show you. It involves using your Gmail address (hey, who doesn’t have one these days eh?) then heading on to http://projets.geekfg.net/ the “Online Bookmarklet Creator”. Here you will see a short guide on “How to Insert a HTML Signature on Gmail”.

Next, you need to grab your LinkedIn profile button. You can find a variety of buttons and links that can be used for your blog or online resume at Accounts & Settings > Edit Public Profile. For a simple email signature promoting my LinkedIn profile, I will copy (CTRL + C) the code to a little banner measuring 160×33.

The next step is to paste (CTRL + V) the code on the online bookmarklet generator. Feel free to add anything above or below your LinkedIn button to enhance your Gmail signature.

After clicking on “Step 2″, you should be able to drag the signature to your browser bar. In this case, I have dragged it to my Chrome bookmark bar. Notice the little icon “Signature LinkedIn” on the browser bar.

Finally, compose a new email on Gmail and click on the bookmarklet to generate your custom signature to promote your LinkedIn profile. I’ve chosen to link a little .jpg depicting a portion of my profile to my custom URL.

2. Spice up your Facebook page with a LinkedIn tab

You can promote your LinkedIn profile on your Facebook page easily just by using a little bit of FBML. Also known as Facebook Markup Language, FBML can be used to customize your Facebook pages just by adding the “Static FBML” application. Once you have added the app, you can then copy your custom LinkedIn button code and paste it on the FBML box.

This is what a LinkedIn profile button looks like on one of your Facebook page tabs. Again, feel free to experiment with FBML and different LinkedIn button images!

3. Promote LinkedIn via Posterous

Posterous is one of the best things to have landed on Earth. It’s so easy to blog via Posterous – all you need to do is set up an account and any posts coming from your email to post@posterous.com will be published automatically! This is a great platform to blog about business or your area of expertise. And with the recent introduction of the Pages feature, you can now add a page that redirects your readers to your LinkedIn profile! How nifty is that? Just login, go to Pages > Create Page by Web > Page Options and then key in the URL you want this Page to redirect to.

Notice I have also included my LinkedIn button in my Posterous post. You can easily do that if you follow the steps above to include an email signature incorporating a bookmarklet you’ve created.

Thumbnail picture courtesy of 99zeros on Flicker.